My 5 key website rules.

1. Mobile responsive

The up and coming generation are now spending most of their time on mobile devices. Tales or smart phones are more commonly used now than laptops or desktop PCs.
People just want speed and ease of use to search the internet these days and its almost too cumbersome to get out a laptop, when a large screen smartphone will do the job just as quick if not quicker.

Open your site on your mobile and check it’s not just a jumbled mess and you can navigate through it cleanly and quickly.

2. Social media integration

Being active of Facebook and Twitter or other social media could and should help drive potential visitors to your site.

Social media will also help improve your Google search ranking. What better way to get your message across too. Post your offers to where your clients are spending most of their time.

But keep that content fresh and exciting, you need to keep engaging your audience on social media. Word of mouth goes a long way and if your spreading a message then it could be passed on and on very quickly.

Viral marketing really does work.

3. Clear modern design

Fresh clean designs and more in trend now. Big is beautiful I like to call it. Gone are the days of small text and cramming as much onto a page as you can.

Websites are judged as much by how they look and read on smaller devices now. If text is small and hard to read on a laptop then how will it look on a phone.

Remember your website is really your online business card. First impressions matter, make then count!

Keeping things simple and easy on the eye will keep your visitors engaged for longer and possibly keep them returning time and time again.

4. Definite contact information

one of the most overlooked things on a website is your contact information. Customers need to get in touch to book your services, make a purchase or just engage in your content.

Don’t be afraid to have your contact details clearly visible in the header and the footer and again on the contact page.

Make is as easy as possible for people to get in touch. Use call to action buttons to get people to your contact page quickly and easily.

5. Fresh content

5 key website rulesYou’ve heard it said time and time again. But you can never tire of saying it….
“Content is king!”

Remember to keep that content engaging to keep your visitors returning. Repeat business is great for word of mouth.

Regular visitors will spread the word about your website by remembering your content and where they heard or read about it.

Word of mouth is by far the best way to get targeted traffic to your site.

In summary a website takes constant nurturing to get it to the top. It doesn’t stop there, you then have to keep it at the forefront of where your potential customers are hanging out.

Happy writing, you know it makes sense…..

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