One of the most common questions a new website owner will ask
Why is my website not getting any visitors?

There could be several reasons for this but a few of the most common factors are listed below.

Remember as with any new business, promoting it is hard you have to put in the work. A website is no different.

The website design may be great but that’s just the start!

1. Don’t let your website become stale

website designNow I can almost hear you saying….
What do you mean stale?
I don’t sell bread!!

Your website design can be changed regularly with simple things like colours. Add new sections for regular updates.
You may not have a blog with new posts being added all the time. Add latest or featured product sections that rotate
new products as they are input.

Add a newsletter section that shows snippets of your newsletter.

Think of your website like a loaf of bread and keep it fresh!

2. Are you addressing the right target audience?

Your target audience i.e. your website visitors are there because of your content.
If your a carpet salesman you wouldn’t write content about carpet fitter tools. Your target audience is peopl looking for new carpets, not the people who will be fitting them.

So remember above all keep the content relevant and entertaining.
Get a friend or colleague to check your content for you a fresh pair of eyes is always good.

3. Promotion is vital

Your website design looks good, your content is getting there. You have even had some search engine optimisation (SEO) work carried out. But sorry everyone, it doesn’t stop there!

You still have to promote your site to get new visitors. People are not so likely to purchase a product on their first visit.

Have you got your website link on your business cards, on headed paper and don’t forget in your email signature.

Shout it out on social media, that’s a great way to get word of mouth visits.

4. Don’t make your website a complete sales pitch

Your customers are not always looking for a hard sell. Remember visit any car showroom or department store and think how you are put off by a pushy salesman approaching you the minute you set foot on the premises.

Well your website is no different.

Your customers will want to be reminded that you can give them what they need first. So understand their needs rather than trying to impress them with sales pitches.

5. You must have something to keep customers coming back

Perhaps the most difficult part.
How do you get visitors back?

People will often look at your products and compare with others first. Show them you can give them what they need from the outset. Provide clear contact details if they cant get information right away.

Add an FAQ section to provide answers to common questions. Its a great source of information that your customer is looking for.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither will your website be. I hope you get some helpful information here that you can put into practice on your own website.

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