Why having your own bespoke Software can help your business.

Having your own customised bespoke software can help your business by more ways than one.  Many companies purchase off the shelf software packages relating to their specialised industry.  However, how many of you have found that it is not as specific to your company as it is either too complicated, has many features that do not relate to how you run your business or just not user friendly.   These are just a couple of examples our clients have described having purchased one.   Oh another problem can be that its getting too expensive to continue to use or the company that originally created the software do not any longer carry out any updates to the system.

So let’s have a look at the many advantages of having your own software:-

  • Easy to use as it has been specifically developed to your requirements on how your company works.
  • As your business expands or new legislations come into effect, changes can be implemented easily.
  • Our software programs are module based which means that you can add on new features to the software as and when you require.
  • Branded to your corporate colours with your logo added.
  • In many cases, unlimited users saving on expense.
  • Vast improvement to your company productivity as the software is developed around your company workflow.
  • Should you ever decide to sell your business, a bespoke software solution to your company can help complete the sale package.
  • The benefit of having your own software will help generate more income which will out weigh the cost of annual subscriptions/monthly payments of an off the shelf solution.
  • Once the software has been developed, its yours! This gives you control as to when you would like it updated or add on additional features.

We have had 28 years’ experience of developing customised software and work closely with all our clients providing them with innovative solutions together with support and training. We understand the need for software to be used as improvement for your company productivity and maintaining the working practices that is important.   Our clients include all types of industries including electrical, funeral directors, landscapers, resurfacing contractors, windows & doors reseller, hotels and manufacturing to name a few!  Whatever your requirements, we can certainly help.

If you would like to have a chat with how we can help you, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are a very friendly bunch and I promise we don’t bite!  You may want to check out some of our testimonials on our website, if so check out our website www.csnet.co.uk or you can email me at mandie@csnet.co.uk or call me on 01638 563442.

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