Does the thought of having your own customised software shout “It’s too expensive!” “Don’t be silly we couldn’t afford that!” or “How do I know you understand what we require?” Well let’s consider the following: –

How much are you paying for your off the shelf solution?
We all use or have used off the shelf software and its never been free. For example: –

• There are the upfront costs of purchasing the software in the first instance.
• The monthly instalments because you are either tied into a contract or because you would like to receive the latest updates.
• The costs for adding additional users.
• Unlocking of additional features that you require.

With the above fees in mind, have you ever worked out how much this off the shelf software is costing your company annually? Having your own software will help generate more income which will out weigh the cost of annual subscriptions/monthly payments of an off the shelf solution. Maybe having your own software is cheaper in the long run?

Current features in your off the shelf solution

Does your current solution have so many features that are not used as they are not specific to your industry or workflow? Maybe its too complicated to use and not at all user friendly. Having your own software eliminates all this as we only develop features necessary to how you and your employees work.
You engage with us and the development during the whole process to ensure that you can see the progress and make sure we are heading in the right direction.
You have the option of prioritising the features you require now that is within your budget and adding further ones when appropriate.


So, the above is just to give you a brief idea of what to think about and how maybe a bespoke solution is for you. Remember we develop the software with you and your business in mind.

We have had 28 years of experience developing bespoke software and work closely with all our clients, providing them with innovative solutions, together with support and training. We understand the need for software to be used that will benefit your company productivity and maintaining your working practices that are important. Our clients include all types of industries including electrical bodies, funeral directors, landscapers, resurfacing contractors, window & door resellers, hotels and manufacturing to name a few! Whatever your requirements, we can certainly help.

If you would like to have a chat with how we can help you, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are a very friendly bunch and I promise we don’t bite! You may want to check out some of our testimonials on our website, if so check out our website or you can email me or call us 01638 563442.

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