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Why having your own bespoke Software can help your business.

Why having your own bespoke Software can help your business. Having your own customised bespoke software can help your business by more ways than one.  Many companies purchase off the shelf software packages relating to their specialised industry.  However, how many...

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Looking After Your WordPress Website

Reasons why you need to look after your WordPress website Your website is your online business card. Potential and existing customers will look for you online so its important to make sure you do not have any broken links, content is up to date (especially your...

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Anglia Business Exhibition

Computer Scene Out and About Yesterday Stewart and I had a day out supporting First Copy at the Anglia Business Exhibition. We hardly get out so it was exciting to be let loose and an excuse to chat to other local businesses whilst eating cakes and sweets. I have to...

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Bright and Bold!

Did you know that more and more customers are asking us for bold and bright colours for designing their websites making them more eye catching. Gone are the days when the colours were just plain and boring. So don't be shy like this adorable puppy and let us help you...

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What is a Favicon and should I have one?

What is a Favicon and should I have one? Computer Scene Technical 23rd September 2016 Favicon is made from the words “Favourite” and “Icon” – believe it or not! You have probably seen a favicon but not realised what it is called. A favicon is an icon associated to a...

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Divi Full Width Header Clickable Background Image

I saw this asked in a Facebook group and I have recently been asked to provide a step by step on how to add the functionality to a divi full width header module This was only intended to be a quick fix solution and will only work if you have a free button from the two...

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