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Divi Full Width Header Clickable Background Image

I saw this asked in a Facebook group and I have recently been asked to provide a step by step on how to add the functionality to a divi full width header module This was only intended to be a quick fix solution and will only work if you have a free button from the two...

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Free Divi Layout Pack Cherry Blossom

Welcome to our latest Free Divi Layout pack offering. The Cherry Blossom Free Divi Layout pack is designed with a floral theme in mind. All the images can be replaced and  it can be used for many other purposes. The pack includes 5 layouts to help you quickly theme a...

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Free Blurb Layout Chequered Flag

I love Formula 1 and so the passion for the free blurb layout page was easy. The page is themed on a Chequered Flag style and features a nice and simple blurb module hover effect and animation bounce. Remember To use these layouts, you must have; Have WordPress...

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Free Divi Layout Darkness

We created a Free Divi layout pack called Darkness for a typical landing page design. This Divi layout pack is pre-made so that you can import it straight into any page of your website or into your Divi theme library for later use. Remember to use these layouts, you...

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Divi Layout RIO 2016 Contact Page

We created a Divi layout in honour of Team GB's success at the Rio 2016 Olympics. Divi Layout are pre-made snippets that you can import into your Divi theme library and use in your own Divi websites. Remember To use these layouts, you must have; Have WordPress...

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5 reasons my new site is not getting customers

One of the most common questions a new website owner will ask Why is my website not getting any visitors? There could be several reasons for this but a few of the most common factors are listed below. Remember as with any new business, promoting it is hard you have to...

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