Reasons why you need to look after your WordPress website

  • Your website is your online business card. Potential and existing customers will look for you online so its important to make sure you do not have any broken links, content is up to date (especially your contact and opening hours details) and all information is relevant to your services/company.
  • Your competitors will have a website. If you don’t have a website or an updated one, potential customers will go to them which is something that you want to avoid.
  • A WordPress website will always require updates to ensure your theme and any plugins are up to date with improved, new features or any bug fixes.
  • Whilst no one can guarantee 100% security of your website, scans are still required to prevent viruses and any potential hacking.
  • Do you regularly check that your website is up and running? We receive alerts if any website that is on our managed system goes down so we can act on it immediately.
  • Do you backup your website? What would happen if it was hacked and you lost all the content?  Presumably you would have to start again as you do not have a previous copy to restore to?  Backing up your website is just as important as backing up your data.
  • Keeping your website up to date with fresh content will keep your customers coming back.

For a majority of companies, their website is crucial for their business. It is a marketing tool to help generate leads, customers and revenue.  So, remember care for your website and it will look after you.

We offer WordPress Care Plans that you may wish to take advantage of.  Full details here

Let us look after your website whilst you look after your business.

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