How important is it to have a mobile responsive website?

Did you know that in May 2015, if your website isn’t a mobile responsive website (resizes to the device you are viewing from), Google now penalises it by ranking it lower on its mobile search results page?  As more and more users are viewing websites on mobile devices, Google feel this route will help people find what they are looking for easier.  Lets be honest we have all selected a website on our mobile only to find that the website text is too small or half the page is missing.

If you would like to check if your website is mobile responsive, why not try the following link

Mobile Responsive WebsiteYou can also check if a website is mobile friendly by typing into the Google search bar on your mobile the company name i.e. computer scene and the search results will have next to it mobile-friendly.

We have helped many clients convert their existing website so if this is something you would like us to assist with, please let us know.

Bearing in mind the above, being mobile is essential to your business.

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