My top 5 WordPress plugins are:

The WordPress plugins suggested below are just my own personal preference, but I believe they will enhance most WordPress installations if you are not already using them!

1. WordPress Recaptcha Integration:

Stop automated BOT attempts to login or comment on your WordPress Blog by adding Recaptcha funcionality.

It can be configured to work in up to four locations including the forgotten password function

nocaptchaA great addition to help relieve automated spam comments and login attempts.

Download the plugin here



2. Wordfence Security:

Help alleviate brute force attacks with Wordfence. Block login attempts after so many failed logins. Block invalid usernames immediately. Users are blocked by IP address and the length of the block is highly configurable too.

Wordfence SecurityScan your WordPress installation for modified files if you feel your site may have been compromised this plugin may help show any files that are different from the WordPress generic files.

Download Wordfence from here



3. Yoast SEO:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of the most important things you can address when starting a new WordPress blog/website.

You can have the most attractive website with all bells and whistles that looks fantastic but if you are the only one visiting the site its all wasted. With even basic SEO applied you can help increase your search engine rankings.

The plugin is easy to use and packed full of features to help you get keywords inserted and optimise your pages and posts to get the best out of them.
Download the plugin here


4. Updraft Plus Backup:


As with any website, the most important process of all is a Backup. You re the one ultimately responsible for backing up your own site.

This plugin will allow both automated and manual backups of all the important files in your WordPress website, including the database.

You can backup locally and download or backup to remote locations such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

Download Updraft from here

UpdraftPlus Backup


5. Google Analytics Dashboard:


Add an analytics dashboard right on the homepage of your WordPress admin screen giving you up to date information on site visitors in many different formats over several time scales

Download the plugin from here



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