What is a Favicon and should I have one?
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23rd September 2016

Favicon is made from the words “Favourite” and “Icon” – believe it or not! You have probably seen a favicon but not realised what it is called. A favicon is an icon associated to a particular website. It can be your logo or a symbol that represents your company. If you click on a website and look on the URL bar, if there is an icon next to it – this is a favicon. For example if you go to your chosen browser and type www.csnet.co.uk into the search bar at the top, when it is loaded you will see our logo in the tab.

Whilst is it not a necessity to have one, its gives you that added recognition and a final touch that many of your competitors have probably not carried out or even thought of.

As well as it being an icon it also helps with your company branding. I always say to clients try to keep everything uniformed from your stationary right through to your website. Your logo represents your company so it makes sense to have this on the URL tab.

If a client bookmarks your website, they will be able to find you quickly when looking through their folders due to your favicon. If your website does not have one, by default the browser will use a blank page icon.

There are lots of free favicons to use if you did not want to use your logo.  Another preference is the initial letter of your company’s name.  This can be as basic or as detailed as you like.

You may recognise some of examples on the right.

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